Malchair's Marginalia

Marginalia from Malchair's tunebook "Vol 3d", held at the VWML

From the Singing of a Poor Woman and two femal Children Oxford May 15 1784

in the edition of 1695. this tune has six Crotchets in a barr instad of Nine, this mistake is common in the early practice of Barring Music.

perhaps danced on the stage in wooden shooes

as played by a Savoyard on a barrill Organ in the Streets at Oxford. November 30 1784

This tune was given me by my friend Mr Fischer the Hoboe [oboist!] it is certainly Norwegian

The titles of the Old Tunes so often varie that it is impossible to avoid writing Duplicates. See the same Coll 2, p.44

NB. The Notes marked thus x are expressed by a Clap of the hand

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