This is a personal blog, cataloguing my experiences of coming back to Oxford and studying for a doctorate as a mature student. The posts are not in chronological order, but organised into chapters based on vague themes. Funnily enough, this is almost exactly how I’m constructing my thesis....

Some of the subheadings are facetious, but I have high hopes for fulfilling all my expectations over the three years of my doctorate. I’m particularly looking forward to finding out how events lead to the posts for Penguins and My Favourite Things.

Each post is dated so you can read them in the order in which they were written if you’re feeling pedantic. If it isn't dated, I have yet to write it! If you’re feeling a little more relaxed you can either pick a subtitle at random, or even read through the chapters in the order displayed below – it’ll be a bit like time-travelling.


Chapter 1: introductions
The DPhil – my project, 15.12.17
Why a DPhil? 10.10.16
The last ten years, 16.9.15
Fresh beginnings, 28.7.16

Chapter 6: museums
Musea? 25.3.16
Events, 21.2.17
Conferences, 19.10.17
My favourite things, 20.4.18

Chapter 2: Oxford
St Cross College, 25.11.16
The Music Faculty, 20.9.17
The Bodleian, my old friend, 4.3.18
Bate Collection, 20.5.17

Chapter 7: my thesis
Supervisions, 2.11.17
My most interesting chapter, 31.1.18
How to write in full sentences, 19.2.16
Conclusions, 18.7.18

Chapter 3: culture shock!
First day, 20.10.15
First week, 15.11.15
First month, 5.12.15
Things I’m reading, 25.7.17

Chapter 8: life
Penguins, 24.8.17
Cake, 27.2.18
Fun and games, 11.5.18
Strawberry jam, 20.8.16

Chapter 4: term card
My first term, 10.6.16
What I’ve learnt so far, 12.9.16
Interesting things I’ve found out, 9.12.16
Holidays! 15.3.17

Chapter 9: the end is nigh
Next steps, 20.8.18
Aspirations, 2.1.17
End of an era, 11.4.17
Fresh beginnings, 30.6.18

Chapter 5: music
Music I’ve heard, 5.4.16
Music I’ve played, 17.5.16
Musicians, 12.1.16
The best tunes so far, 12.6.17

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