Pride of Loughborough Business
Award, November 2013

Alice is currently undertaking doctoral research at the University of Oxford, but for the ten years prior to that she worked as a researcher, project manager and musician.

She always has a range of projects on the go, from music teaching and event management to academic research and writing for the web.

Alice holds an MSc in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography from the University of Oxford, the study of which included ethnomusicology and work on musical instruments in museum collections. She has worked with a number of museums in the past and through her current research she hopes to work further with collections and archives.

She holds three Grade 8s, in Piano, Violin, and Recorders; alongside Grade 5 Music Theory. She was trained in music teaching at a Yamaha Music School, and later through the New Horizons scheme. She has worked in various strands of music education including accompanying, assisting, group-leading and teaching; and has also become a much sought-after performer.

Before returning to academia in 2015 Alice ran her own business, a local charity, and carried out development work for a community music programme, at the same time as sitting on the Board for two regional charities. In 2016 she joined the Board of the Friends of the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, and the Committee of RECSO (Romanticism and Eighteenth-Century Studies in Oxford), an interdisicplinary network with which she has worked to organise conferences and seminar series.

Her CV is extensive and overlapping, but has been divided here into three broad areas –

Research | Project Management | Music