Skills-based profile

Programme development

As the Bate Collection's first ever Research Fellow, from 2018, Alice's academic and project management roles combine, as she is responsible not only for conducting research with the Anthony Baines Archive, but also for designing the means by which the knowledge gained can be shared.

Many of Alice's projects revolve around making activities happen and, beyond this, making them accessible. For example, in 2017, beyond organising a museum-based programme of events she raised money to pay travel expenses so that early career researchers without institutional funding would be able to be a part of these prestigious Oxford University events.

In 2013 she teamed up with other local musicians to run a Summer Music Weekend, bringing players of a range of instruments, abilities and ages together to try out ensemble playing for the first time.

Her development work at the Woodgate Resources Centre from 2010-15 allowed the music education programme to grow to a 6-day programme of lessons and classes. As well as fundraising to get new ideas off the ground Alice co-ordinated the implementation of the music programme from marketing and participant recruitment to teacher liaison and project evaluation.


Alice has taken on fundraising for a number of charitable organisations and social enterprises, as well as fundraising to run projects such as educational courses and workshops.

By accessing sources including local authority funding, charitable grants, and competitions and bursary schemes, Alice has succeeded in raising much-needed funding for the various organisations she has worked for.

This includes raising £50,000 from four sources for the running of the Woodgate Resources Centre music programme 2013-17, and securing £10,000 for a Shooting Roots development project, in addition to numerous smaller three- and four-figure sums which is sometimes all that is needed to get a project from paper to reality.

Organisational development

Programme development and organisational change go hand in hand, and Alice has worked behind-the-scenes at a range of organisations to put changes and systems in place to allow them to grow and develop.

Most recently this has involved designing systems and processes to facilitate communication and project management for the Programme Directors at Oxford Writers' House, as the team's Operations Director.

Employed for four years by Making Music, the National Federation of Music Societies, she worked with around 600 amateur orchestras and choirs to help them develop audiences, raise their profile and recruit new members.

Her work with Music Foundry has allowed the organisation to become self-sustainable, operating as a social enterprise rather than as a charity dependent on grant funding.

Event management

In 2016 Alice set up Didcot Writers, which she continues to run, organising regular workshop series, presentation nights and socials. From 2018-19 she was Operations Director for Oxford Writers House, running various events in conjunction with the Director and a team of volunteers.

As a musician and music teacher, Alice ran regular concerts and learning events for her own pupils, as well as undertaking work for commercial organisations and private clients: between 2010-15 she put together festival programmes, a range of performance and educational events for Leicester City Council, schools workshops, summer holiday programmes, conference entertainment, and music and dance events such as Red Fox Unplugged and Red Fox Ceilidhs.

Musician network and agency

As an extension of her performance work Alice frequently acted as an agent for other bands and ensembles. Over a period of three years she built up a client base of over 250 individuals and organisations, and worked with around 12 bands and countless individual musicians to supply music as required for events around the country.

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