Oxford Writers' House

Alice was Operations Director for Oxford Writers' House from 2018-19, co-ordinating the work of various Programme Directors, designing systems and processes to facilitate communication and keep the organisation running smoothly.

University of Oxford

In an academic context Alice has taken on a number of projects, from organising a study day at The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH), to running a series of workshops and seminars at the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments. For these she raised funds, engaged speakers, successfully advertised for participants and recruited volunteers, as well as managing the events on the day.

Woodgate Youth Music

Alice worked at this after-school music programme from 2010-15 and was responsible for programme management and development, special projects and events, and fundraising. In 2012 she took on the post of Programme Manager, securing funding and establishing new projects to ensure the continuation of the music programme, and secured over £50,000 to sustain the programme 2013-17.

Making Music

From 2008-2012 Alice was Regional Development Officer for Making Music, which involved initiating projects to support the work of over 600 amateur music groups. This included designing and delivering training in marketing and audience development, equal opportunities, fundraising, using social media, and measuring impact.

Music Foundry

Until she left Leicester in 2015 Alice ran ceilidhs and workshops for Leicester City Council for events such as St George's Festival, and at Leicester Guildhall.

She ran the Leicestershire Folk Diary, co-ordinating over 100 county-wide music promoters; and helps to fundraise for new projects supporting the delivery of music lessons, classes and workshops, including the Red Fox Folk Group.

From its inception in 2010 until 2014 Alice ran Red Fox Ceilidhs, an immensely popular community dance event.


During 2009 Alice was Development Manager for Tradamis (Traditional Dance and Music in Schools), supporting organisational change and initiating new projects.

Shooting Roots

Alice supported this youth folk arts organisation to deliver professional development opportunities to young arts leaders through significant fundraising efforts; she also took on a Committee position during 2010-11 to achieve significant organisational development.

Skills CV

You can also read about Alice's project management experience organised as a skills-based profile.