Fiction publications

Books and collections

Crazy for You, a collection of short stories, published August 2018. Buy the paperback here.

Inside Out, short stories on the theme of family, siblings and parenthood, July 2018. Buy the ebook here.

Tidy: a memoir of a New Year's resolution, a piece of creative non-fiction, recounting the trials and successes of sorting a decade's accumulated possessions, January 2018. Buy it as an ebook, and in paperback. The associated Tips and Strategies edition including images and extracts from the book is available as an ebook.

Last Worshipper at the Shrine and other stories, an anthology exploring what happens when life throws up something unexpected, November 2017. Buy the ebook here.

The Morning After and other stories, an anthology on the theme of relationships, October 2017. Buy the ebook here - and listen to the title story below.

Short stories in print

Last Worshipper at the Shrine, in the anthology Resurrection Trust, published by Retreat West, March 2019.

Not That Clever, in the anthology Envy, published by Pure Slush, February 2019.

Theme and Variations, a musically-themed flash-fiction piece, has been published twice: in Compositions: a collection of short stories on the theme of music, December 2018, and in Voices Along the Road, an anthology on the subject of refugees, February 2018.

I See You, a suspense thriller, in The Most Normal Town in England, December 2018.

Concealed, a ghost story, in Oxford's Haunted, October 2017.

Short stories online

Pink, published by Oxford Wrtiers' House, March 2019.

Found on the Underground, won Didcot Writers' themed competition in January 2019 and can be read on their competitions site.

Inside Outside, published in literary magazine Ghost Parachute, March 2018.

Two stories, Undercover and The Death of Gerald Bloom, in The Cornerstone Mysteries, 2016.

Other fiction publications

The End is Nigh, a poem inspired by a picture-prompt, winner of the Didcot Writers competition, May 2018.

Four-Leaf Clover, a flash-fiction piece, published in Nonsensically Challenged - Volume 2, April 2018.

Family Tree, published online as part of the Creative Comedy project by Theatre Cloud, 2017.

The Morning After, recorded and released as part of a podcast series by Story City Festival, 2016. Listen to the story below.


Alice's short story The Morning After was recorded as a podcast: you can listen to it here -

Title: The Morning After
Author: Alice Little
Voice: Sareena Rai
Recording: Story City Festival

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