September 2018

Tidying Tidy

Last Christmas I brought out a new Kindle book, Tidy, a piece of creative non-fiction about tidying up. The narrative took the form of a story, tracking my progress over the course of a year, as I sorted a decade’s worth of stuff that had accumulated in my house. (I also released a Tips and Strategies version for those who wanted to get straight down to business without reading the story.)

It has taken me a little while to convert this to paperback, as I’ve been busy writing short stories and releasing other ebooks, but finally, this month, it has hit the shelves! Tidy, the paperback, is now available to buy here.

This means that, for the first time with a fiction work (as opposed to academic writing), I got to do some unboxing – opening the pack with my new books all lined up. It was very exciting, and really nice to see my work turned into a physical product.

This was soon followed by a second physical book, a new collection of short stories, Crazy for You, which I’ve decided to release only in paperback and not as an ebook. This is also available to purchase online, and I look forward to hearing what my readers think of it.

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