October 2018

Editing The Most Normal Town in England

The call for submissions for Didcot Writers’ anthology, The Most Normal Town in England, closed at the end of September, and I’ve been busily administrating the judging process and also editing those stories that got enough ‘yes’ votes to make it into the anthology. We’re working to a very tight schedule to have the book printed by Christmas (in fact, the launch party is on 5th December) so I’ve been burning the candle at both ends this month.

It’s shaping up to be rather a good collection, I think! I’d not been reading the stories as they came in, knowing I’d have to read them many times in the editing process, so this is really the first glimpse I’ve had of the contents, and I’m so pleased to have had so many excellent entries! We had 67 submissions in total, and 42 of these made it into the book.

Plans are already afoot for our next anthology, the theme/title of which will be announced at the launch party on 5th December.

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