November 2018

Big writing projects

While I enjoy writing short stories, and have tried my hand at flash fiction and poetry, I've always wanted to write something bigger. Despite not having done this yet, I have been working on two massive writing projects recently.

Most recently, I've been editing of other people's writing, and occupying my time this autumn was editing 42 stories (125,000 words) for the Didcot Writers anthology, The Most Normal Town in England. It was initially anticipated we would accept only 20 stories for this anthology, but the high number of submissions and the overall quality of work sent in meant the anthology ended up twice the size imagined - and was therefore twice the work to put together!

The other big writing project I've completed this year was my doctoral thesis (on music collectors in eighteenth-century Oxford). This is a work of almost 300 pages (95,000 words), containing 7 chapters and 4 appendices. Working on a project like this involves a lot of different kinds of writing as part of the process - guest blog posts, magazine articles, conference papers, journal articles (not to mention research proposals and funding applications) - and so even if I've not been writing a novel I've been writing and publishing continually.

Next month I'm going to reflect on what I want to prioritise in 2019, and how I come up with my 'writing resolutions' each year.

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