July 2018

Inside Out - is out!

This month saw the release of my new anthology of short stories, Inside Out, which is available as an ebook here. This book has been in the planning for some time, bringing together eight stories I’ve written over the last couple of years.

One of the things I love about putting together anthologies is choosing the cover art for my work. This collection is broadly on the theme of families – siblings, parents, partners – so I wanted to find an image that conveyed that. I particularly liked that the image we chose was black and white, as I think that also conjures up the nostalgia of family holidays.

I’m working on bringing out two books in print in the next few months too (a paperback version of Tidy, and a new anthology, Crazy for You), so if you don’t like reading on-screen and don’t own a Kindle or other ereader, then watch this space!

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