December 2018

Writing resolutions

I've now been writing this blog for over a year (doesn't feel like that long), and it's almost time to come up with my 2019 'writing resolutions'. I like to categorise my resolutions each year into home, work, health, writing, music, and so on, with some goals taken more seriously than others.

In 2017, for example, my writing resolution was to achieve some fiction publications, and I sent off over 20 pieces of writing during that year, of which 8 pieces were published online or in print.

My 2018 writing resolution was to give time to my own 'big' project, rather than writing to a theme in order to enter so many competitions - but I was somewhat waylaid in the middle of the year by my doctoral thesis, which obviously needed my full attention so that I could submit on time; and then I was busy during October and November editing an anthology of short stories. You could say that I had achieved my aim to work on 'big' projects instead of so many little short stories, but neither of these was the big writing project I intended to invest time in when I came up with the resolution!

As a result, I think my 2019 writing resolution will be to finally direct some attention to that 'big' project. I'll let you know how it goes.

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