April 2018

How much do I write?

I got a bit carried away at the start of this month. Having been on a writing retreat in February, and having come down with two flu bugs, one after the other, it took me a month to return to my notes, both tips and also scenes I had drafted, and ideas for short stories.

I typed them up over the Easter weekend, and found at the end of three days that I had written 11,000 words!

As I typed I found myself thinking of other things to add, scenes to include, changes to my plot structure to incorporate, and after a further week I had 18,000 words in the machine.

Meanwhile, I had set myself a 5,000-word target during April for a non-fiction project I’m working on, and though I had no doubt I would complete this, the fact that I was now accountable to people online (where I had posted my target) meant I was motivated to get going on this project, and get 200 words or so written every day. I went a bit further and within the first week of April I had written 3,000 words.

This was a rather atypical month. However, after spending March wanting to hide under a duvet it has been an inspiring start to the spring, and I hope to make use of this work in the coming weeks.

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