Publications by Enliven Press

Enliven is an Oxfordshire-based non-profit, established to support arts and culture. Enliven has worked with Didcot Writers to publish the following titles.

To find out more about current submission opportunities and future publications, click through to our Wordpress site: we run a monthly themed competition, selected entries to which are published online and in paperback; and also provide details for submissions for our next printed anthology.

Available publications

A Night at the Railway Inn is our most recent anthology, launched on 4th Decmber 2019. This book features sixteen portraits of the Railway Inn at various times in the last hundred years, making it the backdrop to a diamond theft, a murder, several unexpected discoveries, and a haunting. The stories range in style from haunting and serious to witty and comic, with each author giving their own take on the theme. The work went through two editing stages to ensure that all the stories agree with each other as regards the setting: the Railway Inn.

The book is available in paperback and ebook format here.

Museum Collection, which we launched alongside A Night at the Railway Inn in December 2019, includes short stories and poetry from thirty-five authors. Have you ever wondered what the story is behind some of the items behind the glass? Or what happens after hours in the offices upstairs? This book contains a range of answers to these questions and more.

You can read it in paperback and ebook format here.

First Contact was launched 28th September 2019. This book features thirty-one stories from thirty authors from Didcot and beyond, in a range of genres and styles. Authors could interpret the theme, 'first contact', as they wished, and the stories have a wide range of subjects, from meeting a stranger in 1970s Africa to adopting a child, from a mass hallucination to making contact with criminals. This is the group's fourth book, and its third in print.

The book is available in paperback and ebook format here.

Compositions: a collection of short stories on the theme of music, launched on 5th December 2018. The stories in this book were selected from among the submissions to our competition in summer 2018. You can read some of the stories on our Wordpress site. From musicians to collectors, instruments to electronics, this book approaches the theme of music from a range of directions.

Buy 'Compositions' in paperback and ebook format here.

The Most Normal Town in England, launched 5th December 2018, is the group's second collection, and its first in print. In this anthology authors were challenged to consider what makes a town normal - or not: who lives there, who never leaves, what skeletons are lurking in the closets? From sci-fi to romance, from horror to literary fiction, this book contains 42 stories by 40 authors detailing the happenings in a range of apparently normal English towns, villages and cities.

Find out more here and buy the book here.

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