Get involved

Didcot Writers is a group of local people interested in creative writing. The group was set up officially at the end of 2016, but the people involved had been attending a range of creative writing evening classes for a number of years before that.

So, the group came into being because we wanted to keep writing, and to support each other in doing so. If you want to get involved in the things we do, then we'd love to have you on board!

Join us

You may have seen our members scribbling away on a Thursday morning at Shut Up and Write, or bought one of our anthologies. We also run workshops, and have a monthly themed competition that is open to readers and judges worldwide.

Being a 'member' of Didcot Writers simply means you are a writer involved in our activities - you've come to one of our events, and you're on our monthly 'writing notices' email list, so we know who you are. You can sign up to our mailing list here.

Support our activities

Members help support the group's activities first and foremost by turning up! We can only continue running events for as long as people keep attending them. So, sign up to our mailing list, check out our calendar, and we'll see you soon.

All our workshops are run at cost, so we need to fill all the places in order to hire the room and pay professional tutors. So you can help by telling people about us, and what's coming up in our programme. Share our posts on facebook and twitter, and take a few flyers to hand out at work.

You can also support us by buying one of our anthologies (or several) - once we've covered our costs, any surplus goes back into the group to help keep our activities sustainable (and to cover the cake at workshops).

Writing and critique

We all want to write, and to improve our writing. You can support us by writing with us, and for us - join us at Shut Up and Write, enter our monthly competition, and submit something for our next anthology (if you're a member, submissions are free - because if you support us, we want to support you too).

We also want to help others improve. At workshops and at Shut Up and Write, members often offer to share work by email and give each other informal feedback. We also have a shared dropbox which we will invite you to join once we've met you (some of us are shy!).

Our critique group is a way to offer and receive more in-depth feedback, as those taking part in each event will share a longer piece of work, read each other's writing and prepare comments before meeting up. Get in touch if you'd like to be involved in this.

On a smaller scale, our monthly competition is judged each month by a designated Reader - you don't have to be geographically in Didcot to do this role. It is a one-off commitment, and takes about 2-3 hours, preferably on the 1st of the month, or close to it. Email us a bit about yourself and why you're interested in this and we can add you to our list.

Business and financial support

Everything we do - from organising and marketing workshops to editing our anthologies - is done by volunteers. We are very grateful to those professionals who give their skills for free, and to those skilled amateurs who don't mind giving their time. If you have a skill (eg, design, proofreading, fundraising) and would like to help us, please get in touch.

If you want to help but would rather just bung a tenner our way, you can make donations via paypal to (Didcot Writers is not a registered charity, but operates as a social enterprise; our financials and accounts are managed by a charity on our behalf.) All money raised from any activity is put towards running all the things we do.

We're also very grateful for donations in kind - a stand at a book fair you're running, advertising space in your publication, or even just some cake for our workshops.

Project ideas

Got an idea for an anthology? Want to partner with us on an event? Have a great idea for a series of workshops? Let us know!

Just because we don't already do something, it doesn't mean we can't start up something new - tell us your ideas and how you'd like to work with us.